Davenport Kiwanis is proud to provide grants to local organizations working to support our community in a variety of ways.

Grant Submission Criteria

Grants will be based on the following criteria and scored with the following point scale:

  • Project directly benefits area children ages 0-18: 4 points
  • Project directly benefits young adults ages 19-21: 2 points
  • Project benefits the community: 3 points
  • Kiwanis member(s) is/are involved: 2 points
  • Project is located within Davenport: 2 points
  • Project has matching Kiwanis grant if outside Davenport city limits: 2 points
  • Applicant has presented at Kiwanis meeting since last award: 2 point
  • Applicant provided photos of supported event: 2 point
  • Applicant posted to social media crediting Kiwanis with support for the project: 1 point

Grant Submission Deadline

Grant submission deadline is quarterly on the following dates:

  • January 1st
  • April 1st
  • July 1st
  • October 1st

Decisions are finalized by the beginning of the next grant cycle.

Additional Considerations

  • All applicants are expected to present at the noon Kiwanis meeting within the year of application.
  • All applicants upon grant approval shall provide photos of the program which Kiwanis supported.
  • All applicants shall note the support of Kiwanis on their social media outlets.
  • Applicants will forfeit application submission for one year if program photos are not provided or mention on social media is not done.
  • No applicant should assume ongoing annual funding.

Grant Application

Please complete this form in full in order to apply for a Kiwanis Club of Davenport grant!

Organization Address
Organization Tax Exempt Status
Max. file size: 32 MB.
Have you or another member of your organization presented to this club within the last year?
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